A new twist on the Podcast

A new twist on the Podcast

In our never-ending attempt to educate everyone on this wacky world of ours we’re taking a slightly different track with our next few podcasts. Yes, we know it’s great to hear from respected researchers who have dedicated their lives to diabetes – and just a quick shout out to a former podcast guest Dr. Steven Edelman who will be receiving the ADCES Lifetime Achievement Award a well-deserved honor to this outstanding endo – and yes it’s also great to hear from industry titans but in the next couple of podcasts you’ll be hearing from regular patients who taken an extra step in their diabetes journey.

Today we’re delighted to have Caitlin Grenier from Party Like a Diabetic https://partylikeadiabetic.co/ – ironically Caitlin and I meet the first time when I did the Lavaman Triathlon an event where I raised money for TCOYD which happens to be run and was founded by Dr. Edelman not sure what any of that means but it is a great segue to promote my upcoming race doingitthreeways.com please donate if you can and thanks to those who have donated already.

Anyway, getting back to Caitlin who herself is getting ready to do that very same Lavaman Triathlon take a listen to what a regular person with diabetes thinks and how they have taken the extra step to pay it forward

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